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Tuesday, April 07, 2015
By Christine Breslin
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After an almost unending winter, the core members of the Digital Photography class of the WHAL (West Hartford Art League) soldiered on to Elizabeth Park in search of Landscape photography. After all it was almost April! And yes, there was forecasted more snow for that last weekend in March!  However, it was a light snow and it didn't stick!  We were joined by a young, aspiring photographer, turned model, Caroline. After a quick modeling session ending with signals for naptime, we ventured over to the Greenhouse which was open for a few weekends in March for the Flower Show.

Elizabeth Park is the oldest rose garden in the US (over 100 years!) It is located on the border of both Hartford and West Hartford. Here's a link to the Elizabeth Park Conservancy: The City of Hartford along with the Elizabeth Park Conservancy take part in maintaining the beautiful gardens and greenhouses in the park.

Here are some photos of our aspiring model and some of the flowers that were on display in the greenhouse, enjoy!