Birth Photography
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Sunday, January 22, 2017
By Christine Breslin Photography
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It's interesting how trends come back.  Lately, I've seen several articles on Birth Photography and I wanted to share them with you. Some of the images aren't meant for little kiddos' eyes, but I'm sure you know your own children and what is age appropriate for them.  

Check out these two articles on Birth photography, they are both moving and powerful.



L"For almost five years, photographer and mom Leilani Rogers has been taking stunning images of birth in its many forms -- home births, hospital deliveries, water births, C-sections and more.

"Birth is considered by many to be a private matter," Rogers told The Huffington Post. "And yet, it is this amazing thing that we should be teaching our children about and celebrating. So I think people view these photos as equal parts enlightening and fascinating."  
Caroline Bologna
Associate Parents Editor, The Huffington Post


Enjoy and Let me know what you think!


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