When you book a session with me it is not only an investment in time and money but in fine art photography for your home. You will have lasting, heirloom images of your family for generations and I guarantee that you will be more than thrilled with the final results.

I love helping people design spaces in their homes for their framed images. I use a software that allows clients to visualize their chosen images in their homes, at different sizes with frames that coordinate with their decor.  I can also color coordinate your clothing (before the photo session) with the colors that you love in your home to work with your decor. 

I hope that each time you pass a framed image or touch an image box or album you will remember the experience of the session with you and your family members at that time: the laughter, the wonder, the connections.

Clients usually spend anywhere from $500 - up - in various wall art, albums and/or image boxes. Digital images of their purchased images are part of each package.